Markus Raab
Markus Raab

Vocational training as a mechatronic technician

Duration:        09.2004 – 02.2008

Company:       TVU – Textilveredlungsunion GmbH & Co. KG




The TVU is a company which dyes yarn. For these dyeing processes several dyeing and drying machines in this company have to be installed, programmed and maintained. Moreover a complex water management system is required. The amount of  1200 m³ water per day has to be processed before the dyeing process, and cleaned afterwards. This water has to be heated up to 130° C during the dyeing  process, therefore a heating system with a heat recovery management is used.



Dyeing machine with switchboard

There is a special division in this company, responsible for maintaining, assembling, disassembling and developing of the needed machines. In this division I absolved my vocational training. During this apprenticeship I learned how to build machines, the programming of PLCs and how to organize work.

Heat recovery system

My vocational training was two-part, the mechanical and the electrical part. In the mechanical part I learned all of the important mechanical tasks such as lathing, milling and grinding as well as several welding techniques (TIG, MIG, MAG, Electrodes). With these techniques I am able to build and repair many types of machines.

In the electrical part of my apprenticeship I learned how to build electrical circuits (AC and DC), the handling and adjustment of different sensors and actuators and the programming of different PLCs.


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