Markus Raab
Markus Raab

MSM Gripper with Stationary Actuation

Duration:        10.2013 – 06.2014

University:      Aalen University

Title:               MSM Gripper with Stationary Actuation



Conventional grippers for the handling of small work pieces usually exceed the handled object by far in weight and size. Energy and media are supplied via moving cables and hoses, which are prone to wear. This study suggests a new gripper concept utilizing Magnetic Shape Memory Alloys (MSM): the MSM elements integrated in the gripper are actuated by stationary magnet assemblies (based on permanent or electro-magnets) located at the pick-up and drop-off positions of the work piece. This approach allows for compact and light-weight grippers which do not require moving cables. For the application in grippers, the magnetic contraction of MSM elements is of particular interest. This aspect is investigated in simulation and experiment, and a demonstrator of an MSM gripper is presented.



MSM-Greifer mit stationärer Aktuierung
Kazi, A.; Raab, M.; Ernst, B.; Schiepp, T.; Laufenberg, M.
Mechatronik 2015, 12.-13. März 2015, Dortmund




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