About me

Name: Markus Raab

Location: Stuttgart (Germany)

Interests: Mechanic and mechatronic design, systems engineering, magnetically levitation, electric motors,  magnetic shape memory, control technology

Hobbys: Mountainbiking, Skiing, Climbing
Languages: German (native speaker), English

I am a research assistent at the institue of design an production in precision engineering of the Unversity Stuttgart. My research is focused on the design of linear motors. Previously I graduated at Aalen University with the degree Master of Engineering.


Academically, I am interested in design simulation, control of mechatronical systems, sensors and actuators. My technical aim is to create new mechanical and mechatronical systems with higher performance, greater precision, lower use of energy and economically-priced concept.


In my spare time I like to do several sports, I go travelling and enjoy building rc airplanes.